HOTLab: Human-oriented technologies laboratory

Human-Oriented Technologies Laboratory (HOTLab) is a research group within the Department of telecommunications, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing, University of Zagreb. In our research we explore and develop technological means to analyse and simulate people and their behavior, with a strong interest in applications of such technologies. We blend techniques from various fields, including computer vision, machine learning, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, to achieve goals such as face tracking, face recognition, gaze tracking, performance animation, emotion, gender and age estimation and face-based augmented reality experiences. Applications of such technologies include marketing and retail, games and entertainment, marketing research, aid for the disabled, automotive and industrial safety, identity verification, health and others. Other than national and EU research funding, HOTLab has applied research projects with companies in Croatia and Sweden, in particular with Visage Technologies AB.





The data collection starts on Monday April 4th 2017. Participants will be awarded by beverage gift certificates.

More details in Croatian are available here.

Author: Martina Manhart

See the video here.

Author: Martina Manhart

We are proud of the successful organization of another video game development workshop (June 4th - June 7th, 2014).

The workshop was attended by 15 students of University of Zagreb, and results were shown during the closing ceremony of Animafest Zagreb 2014.

More details are available here.

Author: Martina Manhart