Press & media coverage

A discussion about Virtual Environments ("Treći element", Croatian TV, November 2016)

Treći element is a popular science program on the Croatian national TV that has posed as a goal to bring current scientific topics to the general audience through discussion with Croatian scientists. Prof. Maja Matijašević, prof. Igor S. Pandžić and other FER researchers provide basic information about the ever more popular scientific field of virtual environments and its commercial potential, and present their ongoing activities.

Article in Tehnopolis, June 2013.

The article presents several laboratories at FER, including HOTlab.

Article on HOTLab in FORBES, Croatian edition, December 2012.

The article outlines potential applications of technologies being developed at HOTLab, such as Augmented Reality-based marketing and sales, face analysis for marketing, automotive safety, military training and assistive technologies for disabled people.

Embodied conversational agents ("eHrvatska", Croatian TV, September 2010. )

In the interview for the popular science program "eHrvatska" on national TV, Igor Pandžić and Aleksandra Čereković discuss Emobodied conversational agents, and their implementation and applications. The interview also demonstrates the current implementations in HOTLab.

3D Shopping (Lifestyle, Kapital Network TV, february 2008)

This feature covers the pros, cons and the future of 3D shopping and includes comments from the interview with Igor Pandžić.

Virtual TV personalities ("Znanstvena petica", Croatian TV, 06.12.2006.)

This TV feature is motivated by the GALA Award won by the HOTLab members Karlo Šmid and Tomislav Košutić. It provides an excellent overview of some of our current work and a good introduction to the field of virtual characters for the general public. Also, this is the first time that the HOTLab logo appears on TV.

eNTERFACE '06 (summer 2006.)

The eNTERFACE '06 summer workshop, organized in 2006 by HOTLab members by series of TV and radio features:

Znanstvene novosti (Croatian National Television, 27.07.2006)
Dubrovnik radio interview, 10.08.2006
Hrvatska danas (Croatian National Television, 11.08.2006)
Znanstvene novosti (Croatian National Television, 15.08.2006)

Virtual presentation ("Poslovni klub", Croatian TV, 12/2005.)

The TV show covers a marketing event at Ericsson Nikola Tesla, for which our group made a virtual presenter - the 3D model of the company president. A part of the animation is visible in the beginning of the TV show.

Facial Animation (Croatian TV, 18.03.2005.)

In the interview for the popular science program "Znanstvena petica" of the Croatian Television, various technologies for creating facial animations on the computer are explained and demonstrated. In particular, the introduction is given by a virtual presenter driven by real-time lip sync and fully produced on the spot during the interview.

Embodied Conversational Agents (Croatian TV, 28.05.2004.)

In the interview for the science program "Trenutak spoznaje" of the Croatian Television, we discuss the Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs), their implementation and applications. We demonstrate our current implementations at the time of interview.

Virtual Characters on Mobile Devices (Croatian TV, 07.05.2004.)

In the interview for the science program "Trenutak spoznaje" of the Croatian Television, we demonstrate the personalised virtual characters for mobile phones. The 3D virtual characters are created by taking a picture using the mobile phone camera and adjusting a mask over the face in the picture directly on the phone. The server then creates a personalised 3D face model looking like the person from the picture. It can be animated using speech synthesis or speech analysis (lip sync). The animations can be delivered using MMS, or full 3D animation can be played on Symbian smartphones. Additionaly, the whole service can be available through the web.

Networked Virtual Reality (Croatian TV, 20.02.2004.)

In the interview for the science program "Trenutak spoznaje" of the Croatian Television, we present the aims and current results of the Networked Virtual Reality (NVR) project.

First Virtual Croatian Speaker (Croatian TV, 23.01.2004.)

In the interview for the science program "Trenutak spoznaje" of the Croatian Television, technology and applications of virtual humans are explained through the example of Reana, the first virtual person speaking the Croatian language.